Welcome in our open pottery studio

"Pottering with friends"

Anyone who likes can then use this motto to create his artworks with Ellen at the studio

Have a seat and give free rein to your creativity.

In the words of Emmanuel Cooper, Urban pottery is characterised with domestic pieces which belong in the living room rather than in the kitchen.

In our Pottery-Studio everybody can decide whether he creates tamed living ceramics, everyday ceramics or wild art.

Our pottery has no conventions, it grows up what you like.

Tools, clay, literature and 10 worktables will be at your deposal during our opening hours. You prefer pottery during evening hours together with a group or like to participate a workshop during the weekend?
Please let us know!

You are already a pottery specialist?

We carry on a big assortment of glazings from well-known procucers.

You do not make pottery by yourself, but are looking for fine ceramics?

We offer a wide spectrum of selfmade potteries. Please look around in our galery- Here you will find a lot of ceramics for your home and garden, as presents or just to lose your heart to it!


Are you active in artistics?

We have the right tools for you. If it is banding wheel, lumbers for modelling, knives or painting brushes for all kinds of purposes.

You want to bake your work of art?

We stock ovens from well-known producers, for 220V and high voltage.

And of course we offer to burn all artwork in our studio. Daily we burn biscuit pot and glace baking, naturally with 100% green electricity.

Our Raku-Days

At the 13th international „Kuenstlersymposium“ Saarbrücken we were allowed to organize the participation of public joining at the fair “Saarmesse 2015” (www.k-symp.org)

Here are the impressions:

We thank you all very much for your attendance to our donation campaign.

GA special Thank you to all our hard working ladies, who still found enough time to spend us delicious baked cookies for our donation campaign, even in a stressful time before Christmas.

Thanking for all of your assistance, we are now able to spend the amount of EUR 600,00 to the association “Childs of Africa e.V.”.


In sporadic intervals you can find interesting workshops to different topics.

If you want to participate one of these workshops, please registrate yourself in time via phone
, Contact or e-mail.

Beginning of the workshops is 10:00 a.m., ending at 05:00 p.m. Concerning the topic of the workshop, up to 12 persons are able to participate.

30.September 2017

Fascinating balls
Instructor: Jessica
Fee: EUR 70,-- pP (incl. lunch)

+ clay + burn

The course is occupied!

05. August 2017

+ 26. August 2017

05.08.2017 - Raku
free pottery, no special theme

Instructor: Ellen Kemmer
Fee: EUR 80,-- pP (incl. lunch)

+ clay + burn

26.08.2017 - Raku-burn

29. April 2017 Balls as light object
Instructor: Ellen Kemmer
Fee: EUR 60,-- pP (incl. lunch) + clay + burn
08. April 2017 Garden totem
Instructor: Ellen Kemmer
Fee: EUR 60,-- pP (incl. lunch) + clay + burn
25. March 2017 Heads
Instructor: Carina Hornung
Fee: EUR 60,-- pP (incl. lunch) + clay + burn
25. February 2017 Bathing womans
Instructor: Carina Hornung
Fee: EUR 60,-- pP (incl. lunch) + clay + burn
11. February 2017

+ 11. March 2017

11.02.2017 - Raku
free pottery, no special theme

Instructor: Ellen Kemmer
Fee: EUR 80,-- pP (incl. lunch)

+ clay + burn

11.03.2017 - Raku-burn
The course is occupied!

29. October 2016 Figures for Christmas
(Crib, angels, eleves etc.)
03. September 2016
+ 8. October 2016
03. September 2016 - Raku

Impressions of a day with Raku-burn on 08.10.2016

06. August 2016 It hangs on the wall......
Murals, reliefs, planters, figurines, watches etc..
25. June 2016
+ 26. June 2016
25. June 2016 - Flowers
We paint the flowers with Engobes (Sgraffito-technic)
28. May 2016
+ 18. June 2016
28. May 2016 - Teepots for Raku

Impressions of a day with Raku-burn on 18.06.2016

30. April 2016 Minigardens - Amarant & Co.
19. March 2016
Garden totem
27. February 2016 Bathing womans

Our Raku-Days

Born in Workshop

How to reach us

By car, drive in the direction of Güdingen. At the Peugeot roundabout go towards Grosbliederstroff, then straight on until you see the Mairie and the Post on the left. Right across the street is Ellen's art barn.

Parking is available opposite the post office and directly behind the Mairie.


3 Rue de la Montagne
57520 Grosbliederstroff

Opening hours

Tuesday,Thursday: 10:00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m

Wednesday, Friday: 02:00 p.m. 07.00 p.m


erstes Bild Pottery makes fun!
In our studio you will find everything what you will need for pottery. You can potter and glace your artworks at 10 big bright working places.

A rich amount of tools and lots of glosses are available for you. Of course your artworks will be backed in time and can be picked up after burning till about at most six months after finishing.

Beside you will also meet very nice people who also have fun to potter together.


We offer glazings from Mayco, Duncan, Carl Jäger, TERRACOLOR. Please take choice out of hundreds of shades of colors and surfaces. They can be transparent to opaque (?), can be matt to shiny, low burn to high burn. Here you will find the right glazing for your appliance.
Since beginning of 2014 we are the base merchant for glaze named TERRACOLOR for the Saarland and Southwest of Germany.

TERRACOLOR is the only producer who produces his glazes only in Germany. In our studio you will find the complete assortment of liquid glazes.

You prefer a powder glaze?

Please talk to us, we will find your requested glazing!

A lot of glazes you can test in our studio and design your self-pottered artworks. You can also paint your own dishes, for example a cup for mother’s day or a bowl for your pet or or or…..

Please visit our studio and take a look at all the glazes or look in our .

You will be amazed!


In our studio you can get the proven potters clays from Witgert and Goerg & Schneider with differend Schamottierung (??) and colours.

In our you can see what types of clay you can get from us.

In our big depot of potters clay you can choose your favourite clay. One hubble has a weight of 10 kg and will be enough for a lot of artworks.


Beside of our service to burn you can of course buy your own furnace. We have all kinds of ovens from Pyrotec.
Of course we provide advice which oven will be perfect for your projects and needs..

If you take 220 V or high voltage, oven with wheels or without, round ovens or oval ovens – almost everything is possible.
Every oven has a balanced electronical steering mechanism. Different burning processes are inevitable. Also simple different firing curves can be programmed and recorded.


You are looking for accessories for your house and garden, for springtime and christmas, four just looking at and for your spirit. Here you will find a selection of self-pottered ceramics and artworks.

Did we pique your curiosity?

We like to provide advice for you and also manufacture ceramics according to your special requirements.

Art works of our customers

Here you can admire all artworks of our small and grown-up customers.

This page will be updated sporadically.